Evolution Gaming

Who ever that have played in a Live Casino online knows that the absolute best Live Games comes from Evolution Gaming, there is no one that makes the games feel so real as Evolution does. 


In game Lobby

Evolution offers an developed in game lobby that stands out as well, it works amazing on mobile phone, just choose the category of your choice, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold´em and more. Then all tables that are live at the moment will show up for you. Some of the tables wont have a spot available for you, how ever this only applies for Blackjack and instead of not playing, Evolution have created so that you can bet behind another player or just choose another table!

Salon Privé

This Evolutions latest invetion, a true VIP high stakes enviroment, you can only enter these tables with a balance over 6 000 € or more. The blackjack has bet limits of 2000-10 000 per hand, Roulette start with a minimum of 1500 €, no other players will be able to enter your table once you play, you can decide to have the decks re shuffled or even change the dealer if you want to. Only Evolutions best dealers will be present and there is always a thir VIP manager that is there all the time and can solve all the issue you can imagine. These tables are as we said only for the super VIP players so we never had the chance of testing them out, but what we have read about it is that evolution have taken this part of the live streaming to another dimension, no where else can you for example demand a new dealer, or ask someone to re shuffel the cards, we belive this is a good move foward for the live industry and we hope Evlution Gaming continues with this!