Poker Online

Had its big breakout around 2002, it is one of the most popular online games that are played at the moment, you can play both for real money and for free its totally up to you to decide how you want to play!

Online Poker rooms.

Lately it have been a pretty big blow up when it comes to different poker rooms. Pokerstars have always been the biggest one since Usa shut down ful tilt poker and other poker rooms. But lately there have been some new comers on the market. 888 is a great example of a new comer that is going with full force forward and they have taken a big spot in the online poker world. With new tournaments such as GREAT 8, en $88 NLHE Freeze-out that are all played 17:00 everyday at 888. You will start with 8888 poker chips and the blinds raises every 15 min, the prize pool is always set to be at least 20 000 $.


The online Poker pioneer that is the biggest in the Online Poker world, their software is the absolute best according to us, and there is so much big tournaments each day, how about the sunday million that always have a guarantee of 1 million dollar prize pool? There is usually around 100 k $ for first place. The tournament it played every sunday every week of the year. Once per year they have the Sunday Million Anniversary and then they kick up the guarantee of 10 million Dollar where it goes 1 million to the first place. Pokerstars is the go to online poker software if you want to play more then 300 tournaments per day from 1 dollar to 1000 dollar buy ins. There is something for everyone at Pokerstars!