Live Casino Usa

What is a Live Casino? If you haven’t already tried out one of the live casinos that´s offered on the market today and if you dont have a clue what a live casino is, we will explain a bit more what a Live Casino is, keep on reading to find out!


The “Studio”

Every Live Casino provider out there has their own casino Studio, these are studios that are suppose to make it look like you are in a real Casino, it can also be focused on just one Blackjack table to increase your gaming experience. Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest Live Casino providers out on the market, they have around 300 different live casino tables streaming Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Texas Hold´em daily, this is of course allot of tables and most casinos share them together. There is a few brands for example “Poker Stars” that have designed their own live casino studio that is hosted by Evolution Gaming, all colours are in the Poker Stars Theme and you will see the branding all over.


To play in Poker stars Live Casino you will have to download their poker client here and then you are good to go!


The live dealers in the Studios are well educated, they have to go a “dealer” course before they can advance up and become a live dealer. This job is not for the one that makes alot of mistakes. You always need to deal the cards correct, if there is an issue occurring the game will stop and a manager will first look into what happen trough the cameras and later go onto the table to sort everything out.

In any of Evolution gaming Live Casino games there is a new Chat function that will offer you proper customer support directly from Evolution Gaming, this is for sorting out Game issues such as missing bets or missing winnings!