Sweden´s Gambling Licens

A new Swedish Gambling license is starting to shape up, there have been allot of rumors lately that there will be a License in Sweden. Now its ready and applications started to come in in August and the new license will go into place first of January 2019. Everyone can apply for the license and there will be a fee for your application, however if you get denied the License you will not get the application Fee back. A full Casino license application cost around 1.4 Million SEK and that is give or take €150-180 k. What will this License change then for the Swedish Gambling Market? First of there is more then 100 different casino brands at the moment targeting the Swedish Market. After first of January there will be only a hand full left, the Swedish Government will pick out only the best ones for their people.


Casino with Swedish License.


We will list Swedish brands with the new Casino license as soon as they are out, at the moment it is a bit hard to list them as the License will first take place 1 of January 2019. The bigger brands such as Betsson, Leovegas and Unibet are all positive for the new License and they applied directly on the application date start.

The License for the Swedish casinos brands will be interesting for you as a gambler. The casino brands will be able to choose by them self how much of a general payout their games will have and when the market will have more competition we can expect a bigger payout % then before, this will generate more winnings for you! Another thing is that the Casinos will by law be able to give out bonus offers, this has before been illegal in Sweden!